I have always had an interest in photography and since achieving a Diploma in Professional Photography with Digital Imaging in 2006, have been building my portfolio and gaining experience in fashion shoots, live events, portraiture, boudoir, commercial photography, land and seascapes and quirky, atmospheric art. I have exhibited my work in the Merchant City and at the Pittenweem Arts Festival in 2012. Having family connections to the East Neuk since I was very young I regularly open my gallery in St Monans and Anstruther.

As you can see from this picture I am still very keen on the use of large format film cameras to capture the 'perfect' image.
Ever since seeing a program about Harold Edgerton, I have been interested in high speed photography - from freezing a bursting balloon to capturing the splash from a drop of milk - capturing images too brief for the human eye.

I enjoy creating abstract images which capture the imagination.

Renovating old family photos stimulated my interest in recreating the studio photography of yesteryear.

Rebelling against the easy on/off world of digital imagery, I strive to create images reminiscent of the heyday of traditional film techniques, a more challenging process which requires the application of skills and knowledge rather than relying on the automation of the camera, thereby creating more satisfying and unique images.
What is often forgotten is that the only difference between digital and traditional photography is the recording medium. One can spend a great deal of money on a 'pro' digital kit - yet fail to take a single competent image. Equally, use of a cheap compact can potentially create a masterpiece. A photographer relies on his own technique, his own vision.
Recognising the merits of both digital and film cameras, I seek to create images harnessing the strength of each medium.